Superhero Movie Turned Comic Book – G.One: The Journey begin

Those who swear by superhero movies, surely realize that all their superheroes find an origin in the pages of their respective comic books. However, with the coming of the new superhero, G.One, we shall see a change in this age-old superhero tradition.
Breaking away from the oft-taken path, Ra.One shall be the first superhero movie that shall bring out its own comic book version unlike other superhero movies that came to life after their comic book characters were given birth. Accessible for all to read, G.One: The Journey begins – Ra.One’s very own digital comic shall trace the journey of G.One and allow readers to delve deeper into the life of a superhero.

Shahrukh Khan and innovation go hand-in-hand and with Ra.One movie an innovation in itself, the digital comic book, is one more of SRK’s pioneering moves.

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