Shah Rukh Khan’s Glass-Shattering Inauguration of The Ra.One Games

Shah Rukh Khan's Glass-Shattering Inauguration of The Ra.One GamesRa.One movie has taken the concept of gaming and marketing to the next level with the launch of the Ra.One games! With three varied types of games ranging from the social,, action packed game, to the casual game of G.One Adventures that feature the character of Little G.One to the DTH/Java-based games, the Ra.One games are the be the next big thing and fans across the nation sure aren’t complaining.
LIVE streamed on the official Ra.One YouTube channel, the response generated across the digital space confirmed the fact that Ra.One fans are definitely ready to say Game On! And for all those missed the viewing the Ra.One-India Games launch event LIVE, all you need to do is log onto Ra.One YouTube!

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